The Ford Scorpio MKII is the second generation Scorpio. It was sold from September 1994 to Late 1998 when Ford finally decided it was a failure, a piece of shit, then pulled it.


The MKII Scorpio is designed in the Ford Ovoid School of Design along with the 1996+ Taurus and 1996+ North American Escort. The Taurus and Escort are shit and the redesign just makes the Scorpio worse.


This version of the Scorpio was the most widely hated of all of the Scorpio line. The French took to calling it a "Sad Frog" and in Top Gear it is referred to as a "Wide-Mouthed Frog." In Top Gear it has been destroyed by dropping it and jousting it against a Triumph TR7, where it blew up and made us all happy.

1998 FaceliftEdit

The 1998 Facelift included darker headlight surrounds, a Cosworth badge on the trunk lid for cars equipped with such an engine, and a grey plastic piece with the word "Scorpio" on it in the middle of the trunk lid. The redesign made the ass of the car look like a Toyota Camry which was even worse than a Taurus or escort, which are worse than Scorpio.